how to make money as a motivational speaker

Published: 29th September 2008
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There are basically four ways a motivational speaker can make money.
These include:
*Selling your Knowledge
It is what you have that you can give.
You can earn recognition and cash by selling your knowledge.
*Joining Speakers Club
There are lots of motivational speaking club that one can join to build up one's skill.
*Organizing Free Seminar
One of the ways to make money as a motivational speaker is to organize free seminar in churches, schools or companies and other public institution.
You use the opportunity of the free seminar to sell some manuals, books CD-ROM, e.t.c
By such programs, you are creating enough publicity and people are getting informed.
*Speak free in some events
You may decide to speak in some events, without collecting any money.
Such opportunities are used to sell yourself, your knowledge and what you are doing.
Some notable motivational speakers applied this same secret when they started their motivational speaking career.
*Organize paid seminar
Having applied the above four principles, it will be okay to organize a paid seminar.
Carefully select a good location and speak on a topic you are vast in.
The seminar fee will be based on
· Location /Place
· Type of Audience
· Seminar materials to be used
As a motivational speaker, your potential are so enormous, that you may not be able to exhaust it fully.
You can even become a consultant, as a result of people who come for specialized advice through your free or paid seminar

Sadjere Clement is an Author, a Motivational Speaker and an Internet Product sales/Marketing Expert with over Three years experience on the Net.
He is married with a kid, and presently lives in Nigeria where he organizes seminar and Training programs.
He can be reached on +2348052790262, +2348028503527
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